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If you are not satisfied with your artwork when you receive it, you can return the art in 30 days for a full refund. Please contact us prior to returning so we may be aware and authorize your return. Please send
an email to

Or, you can exchange for a piece you prefer. In an exchange, you will be refunded for a lower cost piece or you may have to supplement for a higher priced piece.

Or, you can return your art for a credit to be used for the future.

Damages must be reported to Liz Carey / Punk Rock Zen Gallery within 10 days of receipt of merchandise or we will not be responsible for any losses incurred.

Return Shipping Policy

You must pack and safely send back your artwork so that it is received in the condition it was sent.
Artwork that was improperly packed and becomes damaged will not be returned or refunded or credited. In some cases, a credit only will be offered that may be lower than what the original purchase
price was. This depends on the condition of the art, and if the damage was within your control or not.

This is at the discretion of Punk Rock Zen Gallery. It’s best if you properly and carefully send your artwork back, and then you will receive your full refund or credit with no issues.

We will refund (within 30 days) or credit you 50% of the shipping charge based on the following to offset the return cost:


  • Size 10x 10 or smaller size: $12

  • Size between 11 x 11 and 20 x 20 or a variation in between: $22

  • Size between 21 x 21 and 30 x 30 or a variation in between: $37

  • Over 30 x 30: $62

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