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Browse and shop Liz's beautiful collection of paintings. Each of Liz's pieces are inner reflections of the day or moment. Years of international travel, work in the business world, and her own personal struggles and triumphs are the inspiration for her creativity.

Soft Series



To really appreciate all the different kinds of arts in life, my experience is that softening our hearts and minds is essential.  Life and art have so much to offer us, but unless we can loosen our guards and find space inside, then much of the beauty is lost. 


I created this Series out of my own experience of continuing to soften and loosen up in my life.  Earlier in life, I can look back and see how I was unaware, hardened, and guarded.  Today, I feel more relaxed, loose, and softened. 


These pieces were created from that space inside me that’s easier, less difficult, and more relaxed.  I hope the experience of these pieces brings you a sense of calm, peace, and a little Zen. I hope they soften you, too.

The Black Collection is fueled by true abstract expressionism.  In this day and time of our world, there is much to say, and much to speak out on.  No one can bury their head in the sand anymore, this is the time to use our voices in the way that is most skillful and helpful to each other and the world.  These pieces all are big, powerful and have a lot to say.


They are ‘statement pieces’ and they are not shy.  These pieces were all created with the mood of loud rock music that raised the energy and the expression in each piece.  If you enjoy your art with some punk, some power and some energy, these are for you.


This Collection is special to me because it’s all about using our Adult Voice in life.  Not a small voice.  Not a childish voice.  But a Voice that is clear, brave and often says what isn’t being said, that needs to said.  It doesn’t say what doesn’t need to be said, only that of which wants to be heard.  These pieces need a big wall and a big space to express themselves.  Fitting for a living room, a modern dining room, or even your bedroom.






The Inkblot Collection is fun, spontaneous and varied.  There is something whimsical in each one.  The Inkblot pieces start as large works on Arches paper, and then by using a square mat, I search for all the little “art parts” embedded in the larger piece of art.  When I find those small gems, I paper cut them and frame them so each part can be highlighted and seen for its simplicity and its small sweetness.


The Inkblot Collection pieces are great for bookcases, or smaller spaces where you want to uplift a quaint area in your home.  They look beautiful featured as a pair or trio, for a smaller series on your walls.  Enjoy the uniqueness these little blessings bring to your home and life.




This Collection was inspired by this desire to move through life “in the flow” verses the struggle of fighting what is.  I experience flow often as something watery, ethereal and impermeant.  These pieces are inspired by that impermeant flow of life that moves like a stream.  We can’t stop it, we can only move with it, in its flow.


These pieces are small, intimate and are great for a nook in your home that needs some uplifting or reminder of this “flow of life”.  Great for a meditation or yoga space, or any area where you may have special things arranged that remind of you of your life’s purpose and what is meaningful to you. 




My grandmother always watched and followed the phases of the moon.  I remember her moon calendar in her kitchen and the phases that would change over the course of the year.  It would memorize me and fascinate me, yet not really understanding their meaning or significance.  Later, I traveled many times to Bali where the moon phases are a critical part of their Hindu Culture and I began to understand and absorb the power of the moon.  Each of these speaks to me, and hopefully to you in its unique way.  Blue Moon, Harvest Moon or the Sun Shines on Me are all power symbols of Mother Nature and their impact on each of us is significant. 


These pieces range from smaller, like Harvest Moon, to much larger like Sun Shines on Me.  These pieces are perfect for a wall that you want something to draw people in.  To have them stop, look and absorb the felt sense of the piece.  These are special, intimate and significant pieces for that special part of your home where you want to contemplate and reflect.

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