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Harvest Moon - Moon Collection

Harvest Moon - Moon Collection

My grandmother always watched and followed the phases of the moon.  I remember her moon calendar in her kitchen and the phases that would change over the course of the year.  It would memorize me and fascinate me, yet not really understanding their meaning or significance.  Later, I traveled many times to Bali where the moon phases are a critical part of their Hindu Culture and I began to understand and absorb the power of the moon.  Each of these speaks to me, and hopefully to you in its unique way.  Blue Moon, Harvest Moon or the Sun Shines on Me are all power symbols of Mother Nature and their impact on each of us is significant. 


These pieces range from smaller, like Harvest Moon, to much larger like Sun Shines on Me.  These pieces are perfect for a wall that you want something to draw people in.  To have them stop, look and absorb the felt sense of the piece.  These are special, intimate and significant pieces for that special part of your home where you want to contemplate and reflect.


Acrylic on Wooden Cradle

Custom Distressed Gold Frame


  • Acrylic on Wooden Cradle

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