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Speaking Out II - The Black Collection

Speaking Out II - The Black Collection

The Black Collection is fueled by true abstract expressionism.  In this day and time of our world, there is much to say, and much to speak out on.  No one can bury their head in the sand anymore, this is the time to use our voices in the way that is most skillful and helpful to each other and the world.  These pieces all are big, powerful and have a lot to say.


They are ‘statement pieces’ and they are not shy.  These pieces were all created with the mood of loud rock music that raised the energy and the expression in each piece.  If you enjoy your art with some punk, some power and some energy, these are for you.


This Collection is special to me because it’s all about using our Adult Voice in life.  Not a small voice.  Not a childish voice.  But a Voice that is clear, brave and often says what isn’t being said, that needs to be said.  It doesn’t say what doesn’t need to be said, only that of which wants to be heard.  These pieces need a big wall and a big space to express themselves.  Fitting for a living room, a modern dining room, or even your bedroom.


Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas


  • Acrylic on Wrapped Canvas

  • 36x36x1.5

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